Auditing, Certification & Testing

Added value auditing that examines your quality system & production and offers the required testing to ensure that compliance is maintained and to provide you with third party product certification for Standards including;

  • Insulated Glass Units
  • Toughened Glass
  • Fire Rated IGUs
  • Laminated Glass Systems
  • Curtain Walling Systems
  • Windows & External Doors
  • ISO 9001:2015

Our expertise on product certification and system processes can assist your business by identifying area’s within your company which could be a potential issue. Upon the first audit visit to one of our clients, the consultant found that their previous certification provider had required them to carry out an unnecessary factory test three times per day. Our team member drew the clients attention to the standard & showed this was not necessary it saved the client £7,5000 per year in products and staff hours.

Assessment & Consultancy

Experienced review of your quality and production systems and consultancy, if required, resulting in recommendations.

CENSolutions are active members of ‘The GGF’ (The Glass & Glazing Federation) to ensure we inform our clients of any changes legislation which will effect their business.

Our team of consultants have extensive experience in ‘The Fenestration Industry’ with members of our team previously working in sealed unit & frame manufacturing, and manufacturing management, including setting up sealed unit & frame factories for their previous employers.

We differ from other ‘Certification Providers’ in our customer approach, and our CMS Certified clients know that our consultancy service is available to them all year round and not restricted to the bi-annual audit visits. If our clients need advice on anything relating to the ‘Fenestration Industry’ they are confident in the knowledge that  CENSolutions will offer impartial and sound advice when required.

CE Marking

Expertise to help you achieve the legal requirement to comply with Harmonised European Standards and other regulatory and industry standards.

BS EN 1279: Parts 1-6
Glass in Building: Insulating glass units.

BS EN 12150:
Glass in Building: Thermally Toughened Soda Lime Silicate Safety Glass.

BS EN 14351-1:
Windows and External Pedestrian Doorsets

BS EN 13830:
Curtain Walling, Product Standard

CENSolutions will ensure that your business complies with the mandatory clauses of the above standards and assist in raising your CE Marking ‘Declaration of Conformity/Performance’.