BS EN 12150 AND BS EN 12600 Toughened Glass Standards

Replacing BS 6206

EN 12150 and EN 12600 – The publication of these standards has taken place and the timings mean that these standards were MANDATORY in September 2006. If you have not implemented your FPC or had your product tested, contact us (using the links provided) for advice.

Changes in Building Regulations have meant that the use of safety glass in buildings (toughened, laminated etc) has increased dramatically over the past ten years. This has also lead to a rise in the number of companies commissioning glass toughening plants.

It is compulsory to implement a quality control system into place that tests the finished product, provides traceability & records plus ensuring the product is manufactured and marked correctly in accordance with the relevant standard.

Like BS EN 1279 for IG units, a European Standard on toughened glass and safety laminated glass is to be enforced. This is similar to the rules in that the manufacturer will be able to make a declaration of conformity.

Recent audits of potential clients using other Third Party controlled schemes have revealed a worrying number of shortcomings. To such an extent that some are trading illegally. We would recommend that manufacturers of these safety products (specified by current Building Regulations) should review their products, their control systems and testing done as a matter of urgency. Perhaps contacting Mike Gaillard orWayne Rogerson for free advice?

The Options

  1. CENSolutions can implement a quality system that provides you with the confidence to Self Declare that your products comply with/to EN 12150 and EN 14449.
  2. Alternatively we can offer, at competitive pricing with no license fees, our unique CMS Mark for those clients wishing to work under a Third Party audited system.
  3. If you work under an alternative third party we can also assist in ensuring your full compliance with these standards by conducting bi-annual auditing that will satisfy the requirements of the “providers” scope and more importantly the requirements of the relative standard so CE Marking can be made.
  4. Manufacturers working to either of options 2 or 3 above can, using CENSolutions service of vertical auditing, have peace of mind that their quality system will be examined in detail once every six months. A full report will be issued on the status of their system that will satisfy any auditing requirements of the regulation