PAS 24:2016

New rules introduced in July 2013 as part of the changeover from the EU Construction Products Directive (CPD) to the EU Construction Products Regulations (CPR) mean that all standards conflicting with EN 14351 and its associated standards have been withdrawn by all member states in January 2012. This includes the UK!

BS 7412 has been rewritten to include the testing requirements of EN 14351 and is therefore not conflicting. Why the number is still used in not clear, as it would be less confusing to use BS EN 14351 as a direct replacement.

The enhanced security standard BS 7950 conflicted with EN 1627 to EN 1630 and has been withdrawn. However, within BS 7950 there are some physical tests that are pertinent to the UK’s situation, including that of Secured by Design, which continues to gain acceptance within the specification market. To keep these tests and allow their continued usage by UK based bodies such as Secured by Design, the UK’s Fenestration industry representatives (BSI, BBA, GGF, BWF, SBD and others) have cross referenced the testing into a new PAS Scheme (PAS 24:2012) to compliment EN 1627 to EN 1630. This scheme will not be a “standard” but a “code of practice” that does not conflict with any EN harmonised standards or present a “barrier for trade” against EU Manufacturers, since EN 14351 only compliant windows will be acceptable for normal installations.

Where increased security is required for “Secured by Design” certification then EN 1627 to EN 1630 will be acceptable, providing results are available with some increased testing requirements specified within PAS 024:2012.

The new PAS Scheme to compliment EN 1627 to EN 1630

CENSolutions have, in conjunction with ER Certification Ltd., launched a Third Party accredited scheme, approved by Secured by Design, to enable window and door manufacturers to take advantage of both companies commitment to provide a cost effective, informative and easy way of complying with PAS 024:2012, EN 14351 and other related standards.

ER Certification Ltd have UKAS Product Certification Accreditation to EN 45011 for its CMS Quality Mark for EN 1279, EN 12150, PAS 24:2012 and EN 14351, together with Independent Agency services for the BFRC Windows & Doors Energy Rating Schemes.

All testing will be done by a required notified body – CENSolutions can facilitate all testing requirements.

Secured by design

Secured by Design have accepted this scheme as compliant with their requirement.