CENSolution CMS (Compliance Management System) Quality System Audits

Irrespective of which third party accredited Quality System (CMS Mark, BBA, Kite Mark, Q-Mark etc) you are working to, it is your responsibility to audit all aspects of the system, generally at least twice a year.

This usually involves auditing one or two sections of the system each month over a six-month period, then repeating the process in the following half year. This is a very long-winded method of auditing, which can be very time consuming.

CENSolutions Ltd provide a bi-annual vertical audit that examines your system to it’s limits. The audit has been defined to ensure that complete traceability and system conformance is maintained, with any problems highlighted in time. It also satisfies the requirements as specified by third party auditors. This is compulsory if you take part in our Compliance Management Service scheme recognized by the NHBC.

The bi-annual audits are designed to provide you with an external view of not only your procedures & systems but your manufacturing operation too. All agents who work for CENSolutions have worked for companies who manufacture windows, doors, sealed units, safety glass etc. Be it on the shop floor involved in the production process, or in management positions in their previous roles. This experience is vital to how CENSolutions operate as we can pass on product knowledge across a number of products, in the fenestration industry.