1. Company Formed October 2003
    CENSolutions Ltd was formed by amalgamating three separate consultancy firms into the one company.
  2. Web site launched in the spring of 2004.
    Our web site was launched following extensive research and has been warmly received by the industry. The password protection pages are particularly difficult to access without our knowledge. It is updated on a monthly basis. Numerous articles have been written for various trade publications, some of which are available on the web site.
  3. Laboratory commissioned June 2004
    An initial investment of £30,000 was used to provide state of the art high humidity and associated equipment to enable the accurate determination of Moisture Penetration Indices.
  4. Granted ISO 9001:2008
    This was achieved in April 2005 following an extensive assessment audit carried out by LRQA. Whilst UKAS accreditation was not necessary for our operation as a test laboratory, it was essential that we achieved ISO 9001:2008 to show that we were operating to approved levels of quality and consistency. In addition to this our licence scope is for EN 1279:6 testing and as a result we are audited against the requirements of the product standard along with the requirements of the quality standard.
  5. Listed on BSI approved consultants list 2005
  6. Bill Keating approved consultant for Business Link October 2005
  7. Karl Fisher test equipment added for testing of organic spacer systems.
    A further investment of £10,000 was made to equip the laboratory with the latest Karl Fisher equipment for determining moisture concentrations of organic spacer bars including desiccant. This was initially used to prove that the sampling procedure for Edgetech superspacer was incorrect and gave false results.
  8. Endorsement of our CMS Service via Kommerling & their Insurance Underwriters
    Kommerling International, a worldwide supplier of sealants and profiles into the fenestration industry, offer a 10 year insurance backed guarantee of their sealant, as long as the manufacturer submitted IGU’s for testing at it’s Germany test facility. Upon a successful test result their Insurance Underwriters would provide the 10 Year Insurance backed guarantee. In early 2006 Kommerling and their Insurance Underwriters endorsed the test result and audit facility within CENSolutions Ltd’s Compliance Management Service (CMS) as confirmation that the manufacturer was compliant and therefore qualified for the 10 year guarantee. This enabled the UK manufacturers to use a qualified UK testing and consultancy company for their IGU test requirements.
  9. Application for membership of GGF
    We were able to apply and have been accepted for membership of The GGF following Glassex 2006. It is important to provide an independent representation on the relevant committees and we feel we have a lot to offer both the GGF and the industry in general.
  10. Wayne and Bill application for approved Simulators for BFRC
    Window Energy Ratings are becoming more and more important with their addition to Building Regulations as a means of proving compliance with Part L. This will enable us to offer WER simulations to window fabricators, installers etc. Another independent voice in an area increasingly dependant on the quality and reliability of information supplied.
  11. Recognition of CMS Mark
    In May 2006 the NHBC recognised our CMS Mark as being a suitable third party quality system. Until this date only Kitemark and Q-Mark were recognised as providing proof that manufacturers were fulfilling the ongoing requirements of EN 1279. All manufacturers meeting the minimum requirements laid down in our Compliance Management System can now supply insulating glass units into the new-build market.
  12. Brendan Ruddy new member of CENSolutions Ltd
    CENSolutions are pleased to introduce Brendan Ruddy as the newest member of our team. Brendan has responsibility for the whole of Ireland. With his academic qualifications and previous experience within the fenestration industry he is eminently qualified for his role. We all look forward to expanding our services into a country where we have some valued clients but are now in a position to provide the level of service that the UK has received from us over the past three years.
  13. Build Check Ltd
    The announcement that CENSolutions have reached a reciprocal agreement with the leading experts in energy rating simulations Build Check Ltd. Build Check are a company that work to the principles of Experience Expertise and Added Value which CENSolutions aspire to.
  14. International work.
    Over the last few months we have received enquiries and are working with companies from, as far away as Bulgaria, Poland, Canada, USA, Cyprus, Indonesia and The Philippines.
  15. Agreement with Chrys Mardappittas of Consultancy Gnosis Limited.
    On the 1st December this year we signed an agreement with Chrys Mardappittas of Consultancy Gnosis Limited. Chrys is an expert and highly experienced consultant in Cyprus who has a number of clients in the glass industry working under the ISO 9001:2008quality system.
  16. Forming of ENXPORT Ltd.
    In order to differentiate between clients outside The British Isles the directors of CENSolutions Ltd have formed a separate company called ENXPORT Ltd.
  17. Raising of EN 1279 Part 3 testing problems
    with The GGF in February 2007 meeting with continuing assistance to this body and associated parties since then.
  18. Agreement with Intech
    to operate CENSolutions quality systems under our international banner of ENXPORT Ltd.
  19. CMS Mark officially launched:
    using a publicity campaign in the glazing press.
  20. Fleet of vans
    purchased to enable us to carry the many test units made by our clients and enable us to improve further our level of service and efficiency.
  21. Rob Shaw joins the CENSolutions team
    as a consultant, covering the South West of England
  22. Peter Newbold joins CENSolutions
    as a consultant to further develop East Anglia and East Midlands territory.
  23. March 2008 – Bill Keating successfully completes ISO 9001:2008
    Lead Auditor training course.
  24. Summer 2008
    Agreement with TNO Quality BV to provide ISO 9001:2008on their behalf in the UK.
  25. October 2008
    Application for UKAS status for CENSolutions Laboratory for testing to EN 1279 Part 6.
  26. November 2008
    Application to become Independent Agency under the BFRC Scheme.
  27. November 2008
    Brendan Ruddy became approved BFRC Simulators and members of The BFRC.
  28. March 2009
    Symbiotic working relationship established with ER Certification Ltd, who are a BFRC approved Independent Agency and by working together we can between us provide a complete package for clients requiring BFRC WER’s.
  29. January 2010
    Dave Cox joins the CENSolutions team bring with him a wealth of sales and technical experience. He takes over Mike’s southern area.
  30. March 2010
    Engaged the services of Brouha Marketing to look after all CENSolutions marketing and PR needs.
  31. October 2010
    Paul Scrivener joins the team to bring his industrial experience to assist covering the North East area of the UK.
  32. January 2011
    Engaged the use of the Insight Data Sales Tracker software
  33. July 2011
    CENSolutions Ltd has agreed an arrangement with ER Certification Ltd that will allow customers to be awarded a CMS Mark to be under it’s UKAS Accreditation.
  34. September 2011 Steve Monk joins our team to take over the South West area that Rob has worked successfully at building up during the time he has been with us.
  35. CENSolutions reach an agreement with ER Certification Ltd. to provide Secured by Design, including PAS 24:2012.
  36. November & December 2011
    Meetings with The NHBC result in approval being given to ER Certification in conjunction with CENSolutions to provide their Certification Mark as proof of compliance with the scheme.
  37. December 2011
    Wayne Rogerson gives presentations to LABC Officers in Ribble Valley on compliance with current Building Regulations.
  38. January 2012
    Approval by Secured by Design of CENSolutions and ER Certification to ratify the SBD Security Mark.

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